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    DFA|SCTC 2014 Annual Conference

    With all the new food safety and transportation challenges amongst us: from FSMA to Labor Unrest and Strikes, to questions about Certification Schemes: DFA and SCTC wanted to focus on overcoming barri Read More »
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    DFA of California has a handful of upcoming seminars, training, and events! Check out our events page to get more information. Read More »
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    Are you prepared for the Food Safety Modernization Act?

    Our qualified and fully staffed food safety department’s activities include Third party Food Safety & GMP Audits, HACCP Plan Verification, and Quality Management Systems Auditing. Read More »
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    Food Safety is our Business. Take a look at what DFA is all about. Read More »
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    DFA of California exists to help companies maintain and improve food safety and quality. Read More »

Food Safety is Our Business

DFA of California is here to help businesses thrive and keep consumers safe. Our comprehensive food safety laboratory services lead the industry. DFA has allied with the dried fruit and tree nut growers, processors and exporter for over 100 years to provide safe and healthy products. Our core areas of focus include, but are not limited to: food safety, commodity inspection, laboratory, research, and arbitration. Furthermore, our reach has expanded into servicing various other commodities such as tomatoes, avocadoes, and apricots. DFA of California is committed to providing great customer service and partnering with you on your journey through food safety. Food Safety is our Business.

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Moisture Tester

We build and sell the internationally recognized industry standard Moisture Tester for dried fruits. Get it »

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DFA of California exists to help companies maintain and improve food safety and quality.

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